How do we configure SMTP settings for IdentityNow and how to retrieve the details of SMTP configured in IdentityNow

I need to configure SMTP settings in identity now and I want to retrive the SMTP details which configured already.can anyone suggest is there any ways to retrive the SMTP details from sailpoint identity now.

Good morning @2135797 ,

All IDN-related outbound email flows through Amazon / SES and there are no customer-configurable SMTP settings.

Can you share any additional details on your use case? Perhaps we can accomplish what you need if I know more about what you’re trying to do.

Thanks, Rich

Hi @2135797 ,

I have a little more info. You can edit the “from” address from the UI (Admin → Global → System Settings → Product Branding).

The only other things that can be modified are DKIM and DMARC. Changing those settings requires a ticket to Support, who will work with DevOps to made the requested changes.

Hope that helps!

cc @colin_mckibben

Thank you Richard, are we able to retrive smtp details configured in identity now