Help required for Monitoring of IIQ Cloud Gateway

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.3

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Any monitoring tool is available to monitor IIQ Cloud Gateway and IQ Service? We have setup on AWS cloud and IIQ Cloud Gateway is installed on On-Premise windows servers. Want some solution for monitoring of the IIQ Cloud Gateway.

Hi Zabin,
What would you like to monitor? Usualy tools like Zabbix are quite helpfull.


These are windows services . so you can use any tool which is used to monitor window services .

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Hi @Zubin,
It’s varied and depends on what you want to monitor (based on my understanding),
If you want to monitor the Status and the activities within the operating system then you can any popular tools for this (Windows Service Monitoring) for ex. and not limited to Microsoft SCOM, SolarWinds, ManageEngine, etc…
If you want to monitor the behaviour and the activities of the target System and how those services work then you need other tools like (and not limited to) SIEM solution to get visibility on the behaviour then for the advanced reaction you will need something like UBEA solution or SOAR solution to do some actions based on the analysed behaviour for reacting.

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Hi @MuhammadMustafa @kjakubiak @vishal_kejriwal1
I want to monitor CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Service status (IIQ CloudGateway)
I want to confirm if we can go ahead with Zabbix for all scenarios.

I see no reason why it won’t be possible.
CPU Usage and Memory Usage - this are standard OS parameters which Zabbix can monitor
CloudGatewey status - here you can either monitro if CG Tomcat is running correctly or (even better) if CG webservice is available and responding.


It will do all . Also I think you will have separate team who own these tools . They can help you with template and how to monitor your service using these tools .

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Thanks @kjakubiak
We are facing some issues like CG Gateway service is still up and running but it’s non responsive, provisioning is taking too much time once approved request is sent for provisioning. e.g. it might take up to 1 day just to add AD group to identity from manager UI access page.

Any memory configuration guide you could suggest for tomcat server? or any other idea to deal with this situation?

I second that
“Also I think you will have a separate team who own these tools .” this is absolutely correct.