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Version 8.3

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I’m trying to add a new AD Domain to IIQ but have struggled with port requirements a bit (I believe). I was hoping some of you experts could weigh in on whether my interpretation from the documentation is correct or not and perhaps chime in.

We have our set of IIQ Application servers in our Corporate Domain.
I believe these need to reach out to the DCs of the new target Domain on (389 or 636).
We have the Cloud Gateway and IQService boxes in a separate Domain
I believe the Corporate Domain just needs port 5050 to reach the Cloud Gateway/IQService boxes
We then want to reach out to other domains from those two.
I believe that the Cloud Gateway/IQService boxes need the long list of ports in my attached image to communicate with the DCs of the new target Domain.

I really appreciate any assistance or clarification anyone can provide.

Thank you, and please let me know if I can clarify any better!

Hi Christopher,
Generally speaking you are right with one important remark. Although you can have Cloud Gateway and IQService hosted on the same machine - you have to have in mind that it is highly recommended to have IQService installed on a member server of the AD Domain you want to manage otherwise RPC connection might not be able to authenticate via Kerberos and you won’t be able to establish the connection.

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