Deploy IIQ on AWS Lambda

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.4

Share all details related to your problem, including any error messages you may have received.

is it possible to deploy IIQ on AWS Lambda running properly? The installation guide 8.4 didn’t mention AWS Lambda, so I couldn’t tell it is possible to deploy IIQ without any issue.

I don’t think it will work. Primary beacuse AWS lambda ia stateless and IIQ is stateful long running application

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I have done some research on using AWS lambda. If IIQ needs to run an aggregation task with the disconnected apps, it can get the file from S3 bucket. All other transactions are going to be on the database. I try to understand what the obstacle is and what it is not wroking. Other webapps are running fine on AWS lambda and logically IIQ should work fine. If it is not working, what might not be working. Any idea?

Just got the official confirmation from SailPoint. AWS Lambda is not one of the support platform. No serverless containers (CAAS) will be supported by SailPoint. The latest version of SailPoint IdentityIQ is 8.4

Did you explore option of deploying in EKS ?

The binary can be deployed by Kubernetes and the deployment will be managed by Kubernetes. If there is no EC2, the only option is using serverless. SailPoint does not support any serverless environment such as AWS Lambda, AWS fargate

Thank you Ricky !
Did you tried deployment in EKS containers ?

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