🎁 Happy Holidays From the Developer Relations Team! 🎁

Thank You!

First and foremost, we want to thank you—yes, you! We are so thankful for all those who have joined the SailPoint Developer Community, created new conversations, responded to existing conversations, or just came in to lurk, read, and find an answer. If you’re reading this, we’re happy you’re here!

No matter which way you celebrate the end to your calendar year, we do hope you have a happy, safe, and joyous celebration!

What Comes Next?

As you all know, we’re consistently making improvements to our developer experience, and we acknowledge that we have room for creating better experiences yet. We’ll have more announcements starting in 2023, but for now we wanted to end the year on a good note by thanking you all.

:bangbang: You will see a delay in our team’s responses in the community as we also take some time to rest and celebrate the end of the year with our own friends and families. Rest assured, you will see us back in 2023 ready to build with you all!

If you are looking forward to something in the SailPoint Developer Community in 2023, let us know here! Likewise, if there are any improvements or changes you particularly liked this year or want to share a comment on, you can also let us know here, too!

See You All in 2023,
The Developer Relations Team :heart: