Mark Your Calendars: Developer Days is Coming!

We hope you all have had a great end to your 2022 and are excited about all that you’ve set out to accomplish in 2023! Like many of you we’ve set some goals of our own, and one of them is to update you on our inaugural conference for SailPoint developers! We know how much developers like brevity and conciseness of changelogs, so we’ll treat this update as such!

First time hearing about Developer Days? Read the changelog below and click here to register:


SailPoint/[email protected]

  • Developer Days is free, all virtual, and will be happening March 7th-9th, 2023 in Central Time (UTC -6).
  • You will be able to attend the virtual conference at and recordings of the conference will be available after the event.



TODO: Surprises!

  • Improved experience for developers using SailPoint products!
  • Join us at the conference to see what’s coming!

Chat (Discord)

  • You can participate right now at:
    • Note: Anonymous chat participation is available
    • Note: The Developer Days Discord server is for general conversation amongst attendees and presenters, and not product support
  • We will be gathering Q&A live in chat to be answered during panel discussions throughout the event

Conference Title

  • Updated title of our conference from “Shipyard” to “Developer Days”

The API roadmap presentation for IDN should be interesting. I am so looking forward to the IDN API providing means to create and manage Applications. Using endpoints the browser exposes is not only limiting, but unreliable.

In any case, super exciting!


Glad to hear it! We’ll have some great things to unveil at the conference that I think you’ll appreciate, Daniel :slight_smile:

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All of those topics look related to IDN, I thought when this was first announced it was going to be a combination of IDN and IIQ topics - Is that still the case? or is this more for IDN?

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Hi Karena! On the agenda page, at the top, if you switch the view to IdentityIQ you will see all of the sessions for IdentityIQ.

Let me know if you don’t see that button!


I didn’t initially see that button but do now. So its 3 days for IDN developers but 2 days for IIQ developers.

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@karena that is correct! Based on all of the submissions we had, we had enough content submitted for three days for IdentityNow, and two days for IdentityIQ.

I would love to see more submissions for IdentityIQ in the future, and hope this first event will inspire more submissions for the next event!


Thank you for sending this out. I am super excited to learn more about some topics like plugin development and SCIM API’s on IIQ side. I wish there was deep dive with API’s for IIQ just like it has on IDN’s agenda. Is there a link to register yet? The current link just sends to waitlists.

Anyways, I am super excited about this, and this will definitely help me and my team.



First of all, thanks for so much excitement and positive feedback and welcome to the SailPoint Developer Community! All of the submissions, be they from external community members or internal community members, are submitted based on the interest of those submitting. I do hope in future iterations of our developer conference, we’ll be able to pull more focused content from the community.

With that said, one of our great developer community members, @adam_creaney, is putting on the IIQ SCIM API sessions, and you won’t be disappointed with his knowledge and expertise.

As for signing up, it’s actually all free to join and attend, so joining the waitlist is enough. We’ll see you on March 7th at Developer Days :slight_smile:

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Possible Dumb Question Alert: I think I have registered since I can go to the Developers Day page and view the agenda. However, I never saw any confirmation nor received any email confirmation. Am I good to go?

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Hey David,

Glad to see you back around here! Sorry the confirmation never came through, but I see you registered on 01/18/23 so you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Admittedly we’ve had a few bumps in the registration process, but I’m excited to have you there next week!

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Is there going to be a Developer Days in 24? Virtual or In-person?

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Hey Robin,

Yes, we are planning a Developer Days for 2024. We’ll have more information about 2024 very soon!