Joining Developer Days 2023: What You Need to Know

We’re grateful to hear all the excitement many of you have shown for Developer Days 2023, our inaugural conference for developers, happening March 7th-9th! First time hearing about Developer Days? Check out our most recent announcement. We thought we’d give you some information to prepare yourself for the best experience at the conference. If you still have questions, let us know right here!

Who is presenting at Developer Days?

Developer Days is made up of both SailPoint contributions as well as contributions directly from the Developer Community! You’ll see presentations from the SailPoint’s Developer Relations team, Product Management, Engineering, Professional Services, and more! You’ll also find equal contributions from your fellow Developer Community members—partners and customers, IdentityNow and IdentityIQ alike!

Who is attending Developer Days?

No matter what your official title is - if you are building experiences for your users on our identity platforms, we consider you a developer. If you’re using APIs, building connectors, and trying to build identity solutions that scale—we consider you a SailPoint Developer, and we hope you’ll attend!

Don’t consider yourself a developer? Maybe you’re a CISO, Director, or a VP? Developer Days is for you too! Come see what’s possible on SailPoint’s products and hear from experts who are building and implementing incredible solutions to real-world problems.

What will be covered at Developer Days?

Developer Days will cover a wide range of topics across both IdentityNow and IdentityIQ, but the one theme across all topics and products is clear: extensibility. Virtually all sessions cover the topic of extending your product beyond what comes out of the box to solve both common use cases and some of your most unique ones. You may even find inspiration for new use cases you haven’t discovered yet! To see the topics being presented, go to

Where is Developer Days taking place?

Developer Days is a completely free, all-virtual event that will take place right here in SailPoint’s Developer Community! You can register here, and the conference will start at 9:00AM CT (GMT -6) on March 7th at

How can I participate during the conference?

  • Join the Developer Days Discord server! We wanted to created an interactive chat experience for those attending the conference, and by popular demand we’ve provided a Discord server for you to join conversation. You can join the server at SailPoint Developer Days . Not interested in creating a Discord account? Not to worry, you will be able to chat live on the conference page on the days of the event without having to create an account!
  • Every session will be associated with a unique topic right here in the Developer Community forum that can be found in the conference agenda and on the conference page while their session is live. Post-conference you’ll be able to ask the speaker(s) questions, request access to the presentations, code, or other files that they’ve presented in their session, and more.

What else can I do to get the most out of Developer Days?

  • Read our FAQ. We actively keep the FAQ up to date with the latest questions we’ve been asked and answered. You can see the FAQ by going to and clicking the FAQ button.
  • Don’t see your question? Let us know here and we’ll get you an answer—and you’ll see it on the FAQ!

Dear Sailpoint team,

will the session be recorded?

It would be good to have the possibility to watch later because I cannot attend all sessions.

Best regards,


Hey Martin,

Great question! All sessions will be recorded and will later be available right here on!

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Hello Jordan,

Is there something wrong with the registration site? I attempted to register but it doesn’t acknowledge that I registered nor have I received a response in email. The website also doesn’t display any details about the agenda, etc.


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Hey Renee,

I’m sorry you didn’t receive a registration email–I’ve resent you one just to be certain you’ve received it! Let me know if you get it :slight_smile:

For the agenda, you’ll actually find it on the conference page right at the top (highlighted by a red box in the below screenshot):

If you’d like, you can also access the agenda directly at

Hello Jordan, the above message said starts from 9 am CT on March 7. But it didn’t say what’s the daily schedule or hours? Can you let me know? what time it ends every day from March 7-9 ? Also when I clicked on the Agenda, I saw Identify Now and Identify IQ and nothing else, is that correct?


Hey Charlotte,

Welcome to the SailPoint Developer Community :slight_smile:

You can find the daily schedule right in the agenda, along the left-hand side of each session. For example, on IdentityNow day 1, you’ll see that the last session for day one is at 2:30pm CT.

That is correct, there are two stages this year: IdentityNow and IdentityIQ. You will find all of the sessions presented this year fall under those two products.

Hi Jordan, I didn’t see anything when I get to the agenda page, I only saw IdentifyNow and IdentifyIQ. and when I clicked on IdentifyNow, nothing show up. I’d attached a screenshot here. Please advise,

We’ve had a select few customers with this issue—and so far they’ve all found out that something was being blocked on their company network.

Can you try on a personal device for me, and let me know if you’re able to see the agenda there?

Hey Jordan, I just tried on my personal device, and I saw the agenda, thanks! I wonder during the virtual conference from March 7-9, should I use my personal device also? would certain presentation be blocked by our company network?


I can’t say that I have any knowledge on the inner workings of your company’s network, unfortunately.

With that said, do you see the placeholder video there now? If so, then I don’t believe you will have any issues.

Yes I can see the placeholder video SailPoint Developer Community from my company device. Looks like I will have no issue then…


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Hi! For the virtual conference from 3/7 - 3/9, if we miss certain session, does it allow us to scroll back and watch again?


Hey Charlotte,

It does not let you scroll back live, but should you happen to miss anything, we will be recording all sessions and posting them after the conference!

I see, good to know, thanks!

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Have the sessions been uploaded to view yet? I cannot find a link.


Hey Dustin,

Welcome to the SailPoint Developer Community :slight_smile:

Videos are being uploaded as we speak and will be available starting tomorrow and trickling in over the next few days—YouTube has a daily upload limit so it will take a few days for them to stream in. I’ll be adding them to the associated topics in #dev-days and I’ll make an update in this post once they’re all done.

Let me know if you have any questions!