Failed connections for many sources - VA

Hi @all,

Today, we encountered some connections that failed on many sources.

When we tested the connection for the source, sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is in failure mode.

We have tried to look in VA and launch the ./ diagnostics script.

  • We have seen this check that is in failure :

`keyPassphrase is used to protect private keys in transit. It is not sent to SailPoint. It must be the same for every Virtual Appliance in this cluster.

NOTE: The keyPassphrase will be encrypted automatically by the virtual appliance.

*** Expect timeouts connecting to sources when the encrypted keyPassphrase length is > 60 characters. Current length: 69 chars

Testing keyPassphrase length: FAIL
Curren keyPassphrase length: 69 chars`

  • We have also launched the ./ script, and we have two main errors :

ERROR: VA cannot connect to , if you have whitelisted specific URLs, ensure that this particular URL
ERROR: VA cannot connect to Ensure that deep packet inspection is not enabled for this device.

Is it the reason for the weird behaviour of IDN’s sources ?
Why do we suddenly get this issue ?
Could you help us to find the solution ?

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Hi Leo,
Even we have seen similar issue in our environmnet. Still did not get any resolution for the same

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