EventBridge AWS Account ID

Our AWS environment is setup to differentiate the Sandbox and production environments
based on different VPC Setup, so, the VPC for the sandbox cannot talk to the VPC (s) used
for prod.

They only have a single AWS Account ID, which has no way to differentiate the SB from
production environments. The setup of the EventBus event triggers in SailPoint only has
the AWS Account ID.

Has anyone else have this situation where 2 environments use the same AWS account, and how
have you solved it?

My thought is that once the EventBus is associated with the proper environment(SB or Prod)
when it’s initially setup, that should lock it to the environment. Can anyone see any issue with this?

Hey @chrisp,

Thanks for posting! Let us do some digging around EventBus ETS and see if we cannot find some insights for you on this issue.

Hi @chrisp,

I spoke with some engineers internally and it appears that we don’t support multiple tenants going to a single AWS account ID. You will need a different AWS account ID for each tenant.

This sounds like a good feature request that you can open in our ideas portal

Thanks Colin. I’ve put a feature request in the ideas portal just now.

I’m following up with the AWS people to see what their response is.

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