Enhancement: New API Endpoints Added

Four new endpoints have been added to the v3 Sources collection. These endpoints enable users to manage source account and entitlement schemas via the API.

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Hey Colin,

When I run this in our tenant I get the following error:

{"detailCode":"400.1 Bad request content","trackingId":"7ba00d28374b429fa99a3d622fa09827","messages":[{"locale":"en-US","localeOrigin":"DEFAULT","text":"The request was syntactically correct but its content is semantically invalid."}],"causes":[{"locale":"en-US","localeOrigin":"DEFAULT","text":"Only a source type, DelimitedFile, supports schema file download"}]}

Is this endpoint only available for delimitedFile sources or for all source types?

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, only DelimitedFile source types support schema download/upload. I made a note to update the API spec to make this fact clear in the description.

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