Enhancement: Improved Branding Configuration Options for Non-Employee Risk Management

SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management is introducing improvements to branding configuration options provided. These updates will streamline the branding customizations allowed by each customer and provide a new UI to make these configurations quick and easy. Below is a summary including what configurations will be supported going forward, what customizations will no longer be supported, when these changes will be deployed, and expected actions that customers should take to be prepared for these changes.

What is changing

Supported Configuration Options

Application branding options will now consist of two pages: a Logos page and a new Colors page.

System > Branding > Logos The Logos page has been updated with an improved layout and now supports drag and drop functionality for ease of uploading images. Customers have the ability to upload their company logo(s) for:

  • Lifecycle Login Page
  • Collaboration Login Page
  • Navigation Panel
  • Lifecycle Logo
  • Collaboration Logo

System > Branding > Colors The Colors page allows customers to configure and preview custom color options for different areas of the application. Colors can be selected for the following sections of the application:

  • Navigation Panel Background
  • Navigation Panel Sections
  • Header
  • Text Color - Limited to black or white
  • Buttons - Primary, Secondary and Links

Ending support for Custom CSS files

Going forward, SailPoint’s Non-Employee application will no longer support the ability to upload a custom CSS file. Existing custom CSS files will continue to function until October 2, 2023. During this time, we will be providing a backwards compatibility option for existing customers. A temporary toggle switch will allow customers the flexibly to switch back and forth between their ‘old custom CSS’ and the new Colors page, providing customers an opportunity to test and set the new configuration options prior to the deprecation of custom CSS files. On October 2, 2023, this toggle will be removed from the application and all tenants will begin using the new configurable branding options as configured on the new Colors page.

When to expect this change

  • June 12, 2023 - Enable for customer non-production tenants (i.e. dev tenants, etc.)
  • June 19, 2023 - Enable for customer production tenants

For existing customers: Existing custom CSS files will continue to work and users will not see any changes to the UI. Admins will now see the new “Logos” and “Colors” page options under Branding. Admins will also see the temporary toggle switch on the “Colors” page, allowing backwards compatibility to the custom CSS files for a limited time.

Required Action: Existing customers will need to configure their desired options on the new “Logos” and “Colors” pages prior to the October 2, 2023 deadline.

For new customers: Admins for new customers will not see the temporary toggle switch for custom CSS files. Admins for new customers will use the updated “Logos” and “Colors” page options to configure branding options within the application.

Why are we making this change

Supporting the previous high-level customizability in a multi-tenant SaaS environment has been challenging and negatively impacted our ability to quickly deploy enhancements and other changes to our UI. This shift to “configurability vs customizability” will improve upon our continuous development process and allow us to deliver UI changes faster and more consistently, with less defects and unintended impacts to our users.

In the event of any issues, please open a support ticket with SailPoint NERM for escalated resolution.

Be sure to visit the Non-Employee Risk Management Announcements page for additional announcements.


I get access denied trying to access that link in Compass.

Hey Paul,

Are you signed into Compasss? They lock many things down unless you’re logged in.

I am yes. Another colleague of mine tried too.

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I’ll forward to the Compass team and respond back when they fix it. Sorry about that, Paul!

I have the same issue as Paul. I get the Access Denied

@phodgdon @gmilunich (and anyone else getting access denied), access to Compass is out of our hands. The Compass team has instructed us to have you to email [email protected] if you are having any issue with their platform.


Regarding branding colors, is it possible to prevent SailPoint from removing the branding functionality from the general IdentityNow UI such that our IdentityNow pages will keep having the branding colours corresponding to the tenant instead of the SailPoint colours?

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