New Enhancement: Improved Performance and UI for Profile Tables in Non-Employee Risk Management


:bangbang: SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management is introducing improvements to the user experience and performance of Profile tables across the product.

What is the Problem?

Some customers with large numbers of Profiles in production have reported slow performance of these tables when searching, paging, or sorting.

What is the Solution?

With this change, we have significantly improved the performance of these Profile tables. The improvements utilize a new back-end microservice (the “Profile Service”) coupled with a read-optimized store of Profile data.

Where have these changes been made?
• Profile table visible on the lower 1/3 of the Dashboard page, visible upon login.
• Profile table found under Lifecycle menu → Profiles
• Profile table found under Admin → Lifecycle menu → Profiles

What is changing?
• Profile Service: The content of the dashboard Profile table will now be queried from a new read-optimized store of Profile data, which will allow for faster load times when displaying and refreshing the table.

• User Interface: Key improvements to the Profile table look and feel.

  • Tab display: Tabs now feature borders for improved navigation.
  • Tab order (Dashboard Profile table only): Actions and Requests tabs have been moved to the front, to highlight workflows that are awaiting user input.
  • Count: Table now displays count of items visible in the table. The count will adjust to what is displayed based on tab selection, as well as search criteria.
  • Profile name search field: users can now search for Profile names using regular expressions in addition to the simpler ‘contains’ search capability offered before.

How will this benefit my organization?
• Improved performance of Profile tables - faster load times when viewing, paging, sorting, and searching the tables.
• Improved navigation on Profile tables - users can easily find the Profile data they are interested in and actions that require their input.
• Greater search flexibility - search filed supports regular expressions to help users find profiles based on the criteria they know.

Will there be any disruption in service associated with this change?
• Customers will experience no downtime or disruption of service as part of this feature enablement.
• Users will not be required to log out, and will not have their current sessions disrupted.

Important Dates

• Week of April 8, 2024 - Enable for customer non-production tenants (i.e. dev tenants, etc.)
• Week of April 15, 2024 - Enable for customer production tenants.

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What is Next Up?

Look for more improvements to the performance of Profile interactions in Non-Employee Risk Management coming soon!

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