New Capability: Non-Employee Risk Management Connector for Identity Security Cloud

What is the Problem?

  • Previously, setting up Non-Employee Risk Management as a Source in ISC has relied on generic Web Services connectors, the configuration of which can be time-consuming.

What is the solution?

  • By creating a dedicated connector tailor-made for NERM profiles, we are providing a way for ISC Source administrators to get non-employees’ data into the application faster, so that their access can be managed and governed.

How will this benefit customers?

  • Eliminates the guesswork when configuring a new non-employee Source.
  • Allows creation of a dedicated Source for each NE Profile Type.
  • Aggregates authoritative non-employee profile data in order to create an Identity in ISC that can be managed and governed.

Where can the connector be found?

  • The connector will be available in the Source library in Identity Security Cloud, under Admin > Connections > Sources > SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management.

Who is affected?

  • This connector relies on SailPoint’s SaaS connectivity framework and will only be available in Identity Security Cloud.

  • New ISC customers with Non-Employee Risk Management may have this connector configured as their Source for non-employees in ISC.

  • For existing customers with Web Services connector Sources already configured in ISC, there is no immediate need to switch to the new connector. Future enhancements may make such a change desirable in the future, but at present the greatest benefit will be seen by Identity Security Cloud customers who have not yet established a connection to Non-Employee Risk Management.

What objects can be aggregated?

  • Profiles will be aggregated into ISC as accounts, with Profile Type attributes configured as the account schema.

  • These accounts can then create and/or be mapped to ISC Identity Profiles.

  • At this time, the connector does not support the aggregation of entitlements.

Will the connector support provisioning identity data from Identity Security Cloud to Non-Employee Risk Management?

  • No, at this time the connector is a one-way authoritative Source for aggregating the non-employee Identity data managed and stored in Non-Employee Risk Management into Identity Security Cloud.

When will the connector be available in Identity Security Cloud?

  • The SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management connector will become available for selection after Thursday, March 21st.
  • Online documentation for connector set-up will be available concurrent with the connector release, and will be linked with this announcement and on the Non-Employee Risk Management page on Compass.

What is coming next?

  • This connector sets the stage for greater synchronization between Non-Employee Risk Management and Identity Security Cloud. While we encourage new customers to take advantage of the new connector now, we will continue to deliver enhancements in 2024 that will make it faster and easier to establish Non-Employee Risk Management as the authoritative source for all of your non-employee identities, and keep that identity data in sync with ISC.

The deployment of the previously announced Non-Employee Risk Management connector in ISC is currently delayed beyond the original date of Thursday, 3/21/24. We do not anticipate this being a lengthy delay, and we will update the status here when the connector is officially available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: After a short delay, the Non-Employee Risk Management connector is now available in Identity Security Cloud.

@jeff_lakey This source doesn’t support aggregating the risk scores/information yet, does it?