Enhancement: Connector Customizers for SaaS Connectivity!

At Developer Days 2023, we launched a developer-first approach to building connectors to your SaaS-based sources with SaaS Connectivity as part of IdentityNow’s extensibility offerings. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to SaaS Connectivity with Connector Customizers!

    participant IDN as IdentityNow
    participant CUS as Customizer
    participant CON as SaaS Connector

    IDN->>CUS: StdAccountRead Request
    CUS->>CON: Mutated StdAccountRead Request
    CON->>CUS: StdAccountRead Response
    CUS->>IDN: Mutated StdAccountRead Response

Connector Customizers

Connector Customizers allow users to mutate objects before they go into a SaaS Connector, and after they leave a SaaS Connector. This makes it easy for you to extend functionality to an existing SaaS Connector, such as SailPoint’s OOTB connectors, or even connectors built in the Developer Community CoLab!

Connector Customizers help users realize use cases that are specific to their organizations and are not something we would provide out of the box. See below for more information.

Key Features:

  • Hook into common connector actions (e.g. Account Create Account Update, etc.):


  • Separate customizer triggers occur before and after each SaaS Connector actions, allowing granular control
  • Developer Friendly
    • Written in Typescript
    • Debuggable during local development

What can I do with customizations?

Typical use cases include:

  • Data Manipulation - complex operations that go beyond the usual transforms
  • Data Augmentation - call out to 3rd party APIs like a learning management system and lookup completed trainings

What happens to before/after connector rules?

They remain as-is. This doesn’t replace VA based connector rules, and customers can still implement connector rules for those applicable connectors.

What connectors can be customized?

Any SaaS Connector can be customized, though we see the primary use case being customizations to SailPoint-offered OOTB connectors. Customer-developed connectors could also implement customizations but it’s more likely that they would simply alter their connector directly since they own the source code.

As mentioned above, this is also a great way to customize Developer Community CoLab SaaS Connectors too:

Get Started

Simply head to the docs below to get started. If you have any questions, please post them in IDN Discussion and Questions and don’t forget to use the tag saas-connectivity!

Read the docs: Connectivity Customizers | SailPoint Developer Community

Checkout our upcoming Connector Customizers live stream:

What’s Next?

We are currently working on the ability to invoke a PowerShell script within Connector Customizers, but are always welcome to feedback and suggestions!