SaaS Connectivity: connector customizers


Are you using an out of the box SaaS connector in your environment, and it has almost all the features you need, but is missing a key piece of functionality in your environment? Or maybe you are using an open source connector and want to change its functionality in some way without breaking your upgrade path for future changes? Introducing connector customizers! In this session, I will walk you through how to get started using customizers and provide an example of some simple but powerful ways that you can introduce non-breaking changes to a SaaS connector.

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Hi @philip-ellis
Do you have any sample code on how to update the request endpoint using connector customizers for webservice saas connector using .beforeStdAccountList command? or could you share some info how this can be done ?

Here is what I’m looking for,
for VA based webservice connector, using before rule ,we were able to update the baseURL on requestEndPoint. I’m looking similar functionality to achieve for SaaS connector with or without customizers.
Our API Scenario, after authentication, API return the base URL which needs to be used for account aggregation. more details - Modify Webservice SaaS connector requestEndPoint using customizer