Different between Rapidsetup and lifecycle event

Hi experts,

Would like to know what is the different between Rapidsetup (Joiner,Mover,Leaver) and Lifecycle Event.

If Lifecycle Event is implemented in my environment, do i still need Rapidsetup?

Thanks in advance for your kind explanation!

From my understanding rapid setup is just a nice front end piece that makes LCM easier to setup/maintain. It still makes a lifecycle event on the backend, you can just edit it via a nice UI.

What Thomas said, but also Rapid Setup gives you some pre-built workflows, rules, etc. that you can use instead of building your own J/M/L. Rapid Setup includes ‘flexible’ J/M/L, that gives you a fixed set of options to choose from when onboarding new applications. Via attributes on each application definition, you can then specify what should happen for this app during J/M/L (based on a fixed set of options that Rapid Setup has).
Meaning you don’t need to make any new logic when onboarding new apps, you just set the attributes in the app definition (also accessible via the UI as a wizard)