Differences between Workday Connector and Workday Financial Connector

Hi Team!

I have been trying to figure out the differences between Workday Connector and Workday Financial Connector. By studying the links provided below, my understanding is that Workday Connector is an OOTB connector, Workday Financials Connector is not OOTB and need to be configured using other connectors such as flat file, API call, or JDBC, etc.

My question becomes: Can we use Workday Connector to integrate SailPoint with Workday Financials? Or Workday Connector can only be used to integrate SailPoint with Workday HR?

Workday Connector: Workday Connector - Compass
Workday Financials Connector: Workday Financials - Compass

Thank you!

Hi Kelly,

Your assessment is correct in that the Workday Financial Connector needs to be configured using a general implementation connector since we don’t have a source specific connector available for it.

You might find this Compass article helpful:

Regarding the above link, check out the Connector Implementations section.

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