Creation of the custom UI over the Identity IQ.

We are creating the custom UI top of the Identity IQ. This UI would be used by the end users, approvers and certifiers to perform the day to day actions like requesting access, approving access, certifying access. I would like to know, what is the best approach which can be followed to perform this integration (APIs based, SDK based or DB based)?

Will you be using plugins in the development of this customized user interface? If not, I suggest considering the utilization of plugins to meet your needs.

My suggestion would also be: create a PlugIn (or multiple) and use the API of IdentityIQ.

See Plugin Development page:

And use the javadocs: https://<servername>/identityiq/doc/javadoc

– Remold

So, your recommendation is to create/develop the plugin with the required use case and access that plugin over the Apis from the custom UI?

This UI is complete external application like a separate UI layer accessing the Saviynt iiq.

For an external application I would suggest to use the API (this is also used by the IIQ UI). So you can still build on the IIQ functionalities like creation of the Certifications/Access Reviews.

Using the API make it even possible to run it in a separate Runtime environment.

– Remold

Certainly, if you aim to provide a consistent user experience.

I read that you are developing a completely separate web application for this use case. In that case, you will want to access the main REST API and also the SCIM API. I also have developed custom REST API that are over and above what are available there, in a REST API Plugin. I recommend you build into the system, to use OAuth2 authentication. Feel free to reach out to Expert Services if you need assistance.

IdentityIQ REST API Integration - Compass (

IdentityIQ 8.1 SCIM API Documentation - Compass (