Is there a way we can add custom SCIM apis in IdentityIQ

Is there a way we can add custom SCIM apis in IdentityIQ?

I’d imagine it’s possible by creating your own JAXRS Servlet class which extends the base SCIM resource (, and then registering your resource classes you would then subsequently write.

See the “Creating Custom Web Services” section of this whitepaper: Sign In to Compass - Compass

Rather than replacing the servlet entry mentioned, you would most likely replace this entry:


You can create an IdentityIQ plugin which can expose additional SCIM objects. For more details on plugin development check this link -

There is a plugin that exposes IdentityIQ objects are a SCIM extension -

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Hi Prashant,
I have managed to create my own plugin with RESTful resources, do you know how we can access the REST endpoints directly? i mean the url to access them directly via postman. I have tried to use the PluginHelper as well via plugin UI pages with little luck.

Please let me know if the following url is correct

Even for the SIEM Plugin, for the restful endpoints, could you please advise the url to access them directly via Postman?

Also, for the plugin to work, is it mandatory to have UI elements? I just want the RESTful interfaces to work?

/identityiq/plugin/rest/$path of your rest ressource$
The last part depends on the implementation of your rest ressource in java, the class and the methods may have additional paths.
If you use the PluginHelper, just pass it this concatenated path and it should return the right URL.

Thank you. I have figured this out and i have managed to develop my first plugin as well. :slight_smile:

It is not mandatory - Im answering myself as I figured it out :slight_smile: