Correlating Accounts on Delimited File source via API

Hello, all!

Had an issue correlating some accounts using the rest API call below. First point of interest, this was done on a Delimited File source.

PATCH https://{{org}}{{accountSYS}}

        "op": "replace", 
        "path": "/manuallyCorrelated", 
        "value": true
        "op": "replace",
        "path": "/identityId",
        "value": "{{identitySYS}}"

When I do this, the identity obtains the account. Everything looks good. However, there is a flag on the account called hasEntitlements that remains set to false. This causes the account to be excluded from certifications (presumably because, despite the fact the account and its entitlement show on the identity, the system is still reading that flag).

I don’t know how to resolve this. I’ve tried setting it to true with the API, but I get an error that the hasEntitlements path is not valid for PATCH operations. Additionally, I uploaded my file again after I had everything correlated to see if that would flip it, but it did not. I’ve done the same process to correlate accounts on an Active Directory connector and that flag is eventually switched to true. I assume that’s something that happens in the aggregation due to the direct connector config.

Any help with this would be appreciated. I have a very good system worked out of correlating accounts using the API, but this puts a damper on it.

Hi @cassidiopia It sounds like you have successfully correlated accounts to identities. In order to add entitlements to accounts, you must edit the accounts csv as well as the entitlements csv on the flat file source and reupload the csv’s. The hasEntitlements flag only reflects whether entitlements have been added to the account on the flat file source. I recommend reviewing the documentation for the flat file source here