Inbound API for account update/aggregation / CSV upload?

Is there a suitable API in IDN to provide account updates to a source directly (pro-actively)?
Ie.Instead of a connector called from IDN, can you tell IDN here’s an account/ set of accounts and entitlements to update directly TO an API?
The UI provides the option to provide this data via CSV but i can’t see what API endpoint is used for this?

Hi Philip,

If that source is a flat file source, then yes, you can use put-account | SailPoint Developer Community. Just be aware that any changes you make via the API can be reverted the next time you upload a CSV that doesn’t have those changes.

If it is a direct connection then there isn’t an API in IDN to do that. You would have to use the APIs provided by your source application to directly modify it. The reason for this is that the identity governance that IDN provides works best when you keep the configuration within IDN (i.e. transforms, roles, access profiles, provisioning plans, etc.). The source connectors are supposed to handle the creating and updating of accounts and entitlements for you based on your configuration.

If you don’t mind my asking, what reason do you have to modify accounts/entitlements directly? Is there a use case you have that IDN isn’t able to satisfy?