Community Onboarding Agenda

Introduction & Overview

Below is the agenda that is covered in new customer and partner onboarding for the SailPoint Developer Community.

Introduction to Onboarding - @jordan_violet

  • Agenda
  • Address who is the audience
  • Share the high-level value of extensibility to an organization

Introduction to Developer Relations team - @jordan_violet

  • Introduce team members and roles

Overview of - @jordan_violet

  • Overview of resources we provide
    • Technical Resources
    • Enablement Resources

Introduction to Technical Resources

API Specs - @colin_mckibben

  • What are APIs
  • When to use APIs
  • API Versions
  • How to navigate API specifications

Developer Documentation - @tyler_mairose

  • What are the docs
  • When to use the docs
  • How to navigate the docs

Tools - @tyler_mairose

  • CLI (Command-line Interface)
    • What is the CLI
    • When to use the CLI
    • How to install the CLI
    • How to use the CLI
  • SDKs (Software Development Kits)
    • What is an SDK
    • When to use an SDK
    • What programming languages are supported
    • How to use the SDK

Admin Documentation - @colin_mckibben

  • What is it
  • When to use it
  • How to use it

Introduction to Enablement Resources

Developer Community Forum - @jordan_violet

  • What is the forum
  • When to use the forum
  • How to use the forum

Announcements - @jordan_violet

  • Overview of announcements

Blog - @colin_mckibben

  • Developer Community Blog overview

Discussion, Questions, and Show & Tell - @jordan_violet

  • Overview of discussions, questions, and Show & Tell

Ideas Discussion - @colin_mckibben

  • What is it
  • When to use it
  • How to use it

SailPoint Status Page - @tyler_mairose

Contribution and Participation

Value of Community - @colin_mckibben

  • Overview of how our community is self-supporting and self-sustaining
  • Setup and introduction into below items:

Asking Good Questions - @colin_mckibben

  • Exhaust your education and attempts to solve your problem first
  • Clearly state the problem
  • Describe, clearly, what you have tried already
  • Add supporting information(e.g. screenshots, code snippets, log messages, etc.)
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Add appropriate tags
  • Our community is comprised of your peers that are trying to help you. Be sure to respond in a timely, courteous manner
  • Mark the solution when you get one
    • If you figure out your own solution to your problem, please reply to your topic with how you solved it to help others in the future
    • If someone adequately answers your question, then please mark their reply as the solution.

Utilizing Chat and Direct Messages - @jordan_violet

  • When to use chat or a direct message
    • When the question is sensitive
    • Personal questions, like questions about your discourse account
    • Connecting with each other at a personal level
    • Otherwise, please create a topic in the correct category for help with technical questions

Events - @tyler_mairose

  • What is it
  • Where to find it
  • How to join and participate in events

SailPoint CoLab - @jordan_violet

  • What is it
  • Where to find it
  • How to use it

Providing Feedback - @colin_mckibben

  • Feedback about our API specs, our documentation, sitemap, forum, code, and so on—share your feedback around anything under here!

Contributing to Documentation - @tyler_mairose

  • Show how to create an issue in GitHub
  • Show how to submit a Pull Request from the linked documentation page
  • Explain that API specifications do not accept Pull Requests, only issues

Contributing to Code - @tyler_mairose

  • Introduction SailPoint Open Source
  • How to create an issue, and what makes a good issue
  • How to make a pull requests

Becoming an Ambassador - @colin_mckibben

  • Overview of our ambassador program
  • Perks for becoming an ambassador
  • Requirements for being an ambassador
  • Getting started