📅 Announcing Developer Community Events! 📅

As our Developer Community has grown, so has your appetite for not only development on our platform but also your interest in enablement!

To satisfy this we are bringing a program to the SailPoint Developer Community—Events! Starting in September, we are bringing three types of events here to the community every month:

:bangbang: These events are focused on IdentityNow and other SaaS-based products.

Live Streams on Development

We will be live streaming, every month, different types of development on our various extensibility features. How to build SaaS Connectors, best practices when writing rules and transforms, workflows, and so much more!

Developer Community Onboarding

We know there is so much to do in our Developer Community today—so much that it can be paralyzing to get started! To aid new customers, partners, and even veterans (like you!), we are designing a live, monthly onboarding experience. We will cover everything on developer.sailpoint.com—code, content, and community! See the full agenda here:

Office Hours

Our Ambassador program has become a great way for users to become more knowledgeable on our products and to gain access to truly beneficial perks for their contributions to the community (again, like you!). Because of this, to provide more for our Ambassadors, we’ll be hosting monthly office hours for those who attain the title of Ambassador or Expert Ambassador! Interested in our Ambassador program? Get started here:

Get started with our events!

Ready to get started with all of our events? Checkout our Events category where you can see all of the event types we have. We’ll also track industry events (e.g. Navigate, Identiverse, and more!) for you to monitor and even connect with your peers here about attending, upcoming topics, and more.

Checkout the Developer Community Events category to get started today, and we can’t wait to see you at all of our upcoming events!


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Are any of these events relevant to IdentityIQ customers?

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Good question Robin, right now they are focused on IdentityNow and SaaS-based products. I updated the original post to reflect that.

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@jordan_violet This is FANTASTIC NEWS! The work and passion you and your team are providing for our Developer Community has been super exciting! My customer and partner contacts as well as our internal Customer Success teams have been delighted and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Keep up the great work!