Closed Preview: Notification Inbox

We’re excited to announce that the Closed Preview for Notification Inbox is now Live!

Notification Inbox is a new feature that aims to help you find and configure all of your notifications in a single place within the product. No more searching through emails, Slack, or Teams. All of your notifications, alerts, errors, etc., are organized for you in a simple interface.

This is an early look, and we’re seeking anyone interested in notifications, alerts, email templates, etc., to partner with us to shape how we can do this more effectively and simplify your processes. If this sounds interesting to you or anyone you know, please opt-in to the preview by signing this form: Notification Inbox Closed Preview Opt-In Form.

You can sign up for a slot to speak with the team here:

We look forward to working with you!



After getting the notification inbox turned on, I met with Tyler and team yesterday on the current functionality and future features they are looking at. This is an exciting feature that I think will greatly improve the notification experience for our users!