Changing default display of identities in Identity Warehouse

Is it possible to change the default value of identities shown in identity warehouse from 25 to any number such as 50/100? I am unable to find the settings in UI configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Alan,

I think this is easily control by the user, please check the bottom of the page:

In addition to @mike818148’s response, I will add that I have never come across a way to set that to default to anything other than 25. I suspect that’s hard-coded somewhere in the UI code or one of the upstream libraries used to build the UI.

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In older versions of IIQ, those values were defined in .js files underneath the ‘scripts’ folder. I’m not sure if its recommended to change those values anymore but you might want to look at /scripts/sailpoint/grid/PaginGrid.js and within that the pageSize attribute

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