How do I modify identity display attribute value under Identity Warehouse

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Version 8.2

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I am trying to modify identity value for ‘View Identity ’ displayed under Identity warehouse.
I thought that this value is being controlled by ‘Display Attribute’ defined under application schema. But it seems SailPoint is not picking the email value which I had defined under Display Attribute in application schema. The View Identity shows combination of first name and last name, example-“View Identity amit sood”, instead of email i.e., “View Identity [email protected]

  1. How can I modify the default View Identity value to any other value?

  2. I also observed the value for attribute field defined under ‘Display Attribute’ gets populated in Username field and also under user’s Application account name.
    Does value under Username attribute and Application Account Name is always determined by Display Attribute defined in source application schema or is there any other way also that these values can be modified?

Hey !

Because you probably didnt select a displayName attribute in the Attribute Mappings, IIQ is concatenating the FirstName and LastName.
Or the DisplayName Mapping is concatenating it .
If you want to change that , just map the DisplayName attribute on the Identity Mappings.



IdentityIQ is using the identity,getDisplayableName for this field.
From the javadocs:

Returns the displayName or if null the full name, or the name if there is no full name or display name.

As mentioned by Ivan:

If you want to change that , just map the DisplayName attribute on the Identity Mappings.

Hopefully the ‘HR News’ application provide a decent full/display name for the employees :slight_smile:

– Remold


Thanks, Ivan. As per your suggestion, I mapped the source email attribute with displayName attribute under Identity Mappings and it worked.

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Hi Remold,
Yes, after mapping the displayname attribute with email, it is now displaying email instead of default value.
Thank you.