Certification revoke for manual integrated applications

Hi Team,

We’ve set up manager certification campaign, which includes some access profiles which has approval in place for revoke access. We’ve ServiceNow ticketing integration in place. For any provisioning/ deprovisioning activities it will create a ticket in ServiceNow. We would like to understand the product behavior for certification revoke for manual integrated applications. when manager revoke access for an identity for manual application access profile which has approval in place for revoke in access profile configuration will it generate the ticket in ServiceNow without approval process completed for revoke. Is it the expected behavior or will it create the ticket after approval process completed in IDN.

Please advice

Hi @seemarani1

The sim integration can be configured to create a SNOW ticket after revocation. Provisioning/Deprovisioning indeed does not get triggered until approvals are completed.

Keep in mind, the ticket status polling functionality does not work in this scenario. An aggregation must be ran from the target system after the SNOW ticket is completed in order to update the status of the provisioningplan.

Thanks Paul. We’ve SIM integration in place. When manager perform revoke access of the access profile having approval, we seeing ticket created in ServiceNow, without the approval completion. Any idea, why its happening in this way of generating ticket without the approval completion

Hi @seemarani1 is the approver of the access profile revocation also the person’s manager? The only thing I can think of maybe autoApprovalEnabled is set to true —> SailPoint - Beta SaaS API

If true and requester and reviewer are the same, then automatically approve the approval.

Otherwise, this may be worth opening a support case in order to examine whether the behavior is expected. Thanks!

Hi Paul,
Requestor and reviewer both are different. We opened a support case they mentioned this is the expected behavior, for certification revoke and approve it won’t consider approval process