IDN integration with Servicenow ticketing tool and Servicenow catalog

Hi Team,

We’ve done IDN integration with both Service desk ticketing and ServiceNow catalog integration. Approvals for both are to be taken care by IDN, Servicenow team expecting the approval status and who has approved information in the tickets created in Servicenow(RITM). Will this configuration is achievable. If anyone has done this. Please suggest.

We did the approvals on the ServiceNow side because of this specific issue. There isn’t much visibility with the out-of-box configuration to see the pending approvals that are happening in IDN.

@mcheek Did you write custom workflows in SNOW to support these approvals? We are moving to an Out of the Box functionality for SNOW and it appears many of our custom abilities will go away. Did you look at potentially using IDN for the approvals and using IDN for the audit trail?

Yes, I did. Especially considering that our approval structure requires

  1. The immediate manager/supervisor of the person requesting the access
  2. The owner of the access profile

In my workflow, I query the access profile that’s being requested to find the owner and use that as the second level approver on the ServiceNow side.

The reason we went with ServiceNow approvals vs IDN is we already have established ServiceNow as our “one stop shop” for all things request and did not wish to send customers to different places depending on what they wanted to request. We treat IDN more as a back-end system.