Call IdentityNow REST API in a Cloud Before Provisioning Rule

I’m trying to create a before provisioning rule that would calla workflow in IDN, has anyone experience of calling the REST API from a Before Provisioning Rule?
In case could you share maybe a code snippet?

Unfortunately, you can’t call out to APIs from cloud rules.

I just have to call a workflow, is there any way to handle that? Thanks

No, you can’t trigger a workflow from a rule in IDN. What is it you’re ultimately trying to accomplish with the Before Provisioning Rule and workflow? There is likely an alternative.

If your rule is being applied to an Active Directory or Azure AD source, you might be able to instead use a native rule (a ConnectorBeforeCreate or ConnectorBeforeModify rule) to call a PowerShell script where you could, in turn, call the workflow APIs. You’d have to keep timeouts in mind and call your scripts asynchronously.

@briane_bullock , yes, we would use it for Azure AD, but we wouldn’t want to have an IQ Service in place for just that purpose.
We need a logic that would set a random password in Azure AD during creation of the account and send it to the Manager.
We are checking with our Security team if it would be ok to create a password starting from identity attributes. So we could use that that same algorithm afterwards in a separate workflow to send it to the manager.
We hope that int he future there might be a way to have it randomly generated and sent.

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