Available Event Trigger Webpage Missing Content

I’m in the process of reading through Event Triggers in order to teach myself how to use them and I’ve noticed some pages are missing.

This is the link: Triggers | SailPoint Developer Community

If you click on “Identity Attributes Changed” it takes you to the “Account Aggregation Completed” webpage. Is that supposed to happen? Are these Triggers the same?

The following links take me to a 404 error page:

  1. Access Request PostApproval
  2. Access Request PreApproval
  3. Saved Search Complete

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I looking for this documentation in the correct spot?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Try this page

Looks like I have some docs to fix :slight_smile: Ticket number is DEVREL-1194

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The docs have been updated and will be published shortly. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention @bburrell .

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