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Hey All,

I’m working on an API integration and trying to configure the aggregation. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here as the answer to me is obvious.

See example below - I’m trying to access the elements in the ‘campaign’ object in my response mapping. However when I set the jsonpath to “$.results[*]” I get nothing in IDN.

I CAN however pull the entire object no problem as shown below.

Any ideas what is missing here. seems obvious if “$.results[*].campaign” works then “$.results[*]” would work as well.

    "count": 899,
    "next": "",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "id": 1636947,
            "meta": {
                "creator_id": 175288,
                "updater_id": 175288,
                "creator_email": "<redact>",
                "updater_email": "<redact>",
                "activationTimestamp": 1678121969,
                "deactivationTimestamp": 1711380971
            "place_data": {
                "id": 53790,
                "name": "Default Place"
            "tag_data": [
                    "id": 17102,
                    "name": "Backbase",
                    "color": "#ff9f1a"
                    "id": 23702,
                    "name": "Region 3",
                    "color": "#ff9f1a"
            "campaign": {
                "id": 806838,
                "name": "<redact>",
                "app_links": {},
                "multi_language_content": {},
                "geo_location_content": {},
                "vcard_plus": {},
                "social_media": {},
                "facebook_page": {},
                "coupon": {},
                "business_card": {},
                "pdf": {},
                "restaurant_menu": {},
                "smart_rules": {},
                "free_text": {},
                "multi_url": {},
                "custom_url": "<redact>",
                "image": null,
                "mp3": null,
                "location": null,
                "phone_call": {},
                "phone_sms": {},
                "email": {},
                "start_date": null,
                "end_date": null,
                "timezone": "America/New_York",
                "fb_pixel_id": null,
                "fb_pixel_event": null,
                "google_conversion_id": null,
                "ga_code": null,
                "content_type": 1,
                "age_gate": null,
                "campaign_active": true,
                "created": "2023-03-06T22:29:29.522758+05:30",
                "updated": "2023-08-10T20:12:48.863102+05:30",
                "organization": 49160,
                "markdown_card": null,
                "form": null,
                "schedule": null,
                "link_page": null

Hi Nicholas,

Just invert your response mapping, on the left is the attribute that will be stored in IDN and the right you should pass the attribute path.

You manage to retrieve the campaing value because the attribute path is rigth, but for campaign name you need to invert the mapping.

Let me know if works.


Wow! one of those days haha. Thank you so much, can’t believe I missed that. :slight_smile:

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Did that work? never saw such a thing honestly hahahaha

yes it worked haha. silly on my end been staring at it too long.

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