Apps: "Visible in the Request Center" vs "Allow Access Requests"

Hello everyone,

Why are there these two different options when configuring an app instead of just one?

What happens when one of the check-boxes is selected in comparison to when none of them are selected?

The documentation doesn’t seem to explain the meaning of each of the options separately.

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Hi @adamian

One potential reason I can think of (and note that there could be other reasons) is that SailPoint allows for requesting access from multiple sources: It could be a catalog integration like ServiceNow Catalog, it could also be an integration with tools like MS Teams or Slack, or just the good old request center.

In cases where a client/customer does not want to use the OOTB request center, but leverage one of the other two options, you can have your accesses still be requestable, but toggle the viewing/requesting of that access from the Request Center off. I’ll let the experts provide more info if needed.


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