ServiceNow Catalog Integration - Change Default Access Request tab to "Access Profiles"

We have a client with an extensive list of access profiles that are requested today in IdN via Application access, not roles, things like Active Directory DL’s and SG’s, where we don’t want to clutter of our role management if the entitlement is not a birthright. Most customers using our SN Catalog will be making requests for these items. To avoid end user confusion, we would like to default their access request experience to start at the Access Profile tab. Is that possible?

I figured this out. Not going to post a how-to, because it involves modifying the access request catalog app in servicenow, which likely will cause issues with future upgrades. If anyone has this need, message me.

It would be very easy for SailPoint to add a configuration item for default selected access request tab based on the servicenow code ive been poking around in.