ServiceNow API to conduct access request


Would like to see if anyone has leveraged the API to perform access request in SNOW instead of using service catalog function.

Would like to know:

  1. any existing API we can leverage in SailPoint so that when user request role/access profile/entitlement in SNOW, provisioning could be triggered in IDN?
  2. any workflow adjustment we need to perform in IDN?

You would most likely want to use scripts or Workflows in ServiceNow to call the IdentityNow APIs to perform the access request. You can hit this endpoint to submit this access request from NOW: create-access-request | SailPoint Developer Community.

It would be much more difficult to build workflows / systems to pull from ServiceNow into SailPoint. In this case a push from ServiceNow usually is the most straight forward.

thanks Alex. Also if we do create access request API, if the user do not have an account, is that it will also create an account for the user when the access request push to downstream?

As long as you have the create profile / provisioning policy setup and the connector supports it yes it will create a new account.

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