API to get Manual workitems for specific source


I see we have a beta API for getting workitems as {{api-url}}/beta/work-items

And there are only 4 query parameters(offset, limit,count and ownerId) allowed. How can we add filters for getting manual workitems for specific source, workitems of type ManualAction and Remediation?

Is the above API call different from : {{api-url}}/cc/api/task/listAllActive

Can we have more information/documentation on the difference of these APIs and how other filters can be included ?


Hi Archana,

Unfortunately, our /beta/work-items endpoint doesn’t have support for filters at this time. I am working with support to create a ticket and get this added, as all collection endpoints should definitely have sort and filter params.

Regarding {{api-url}}/cc/api/task/listAllActive, this is an older endpoint that the UI still uses. These two endpoints perform the same function, more or less, but /beta/work-items is the currently supported endpoint with better documentation. I recommend using v3/beta endpoints where possible, and opening support tickets if a v3/beta endpoint is missing functionality that you need.

@colin_mckibben , work items api should have rich filtering and there should also be an api which gives all work items. The reason we need rich filtering on this api is , so many clients use scripting on this api and manage their tasks. it would be really good if we have trigger available whenever there is manual task created.

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