Beta API to get Pending workitems

Hi All,

The Beta API to get pending workitems for specific user is {{api-url}}/beta/work-items?ownerId={{externalId of User}}

This API works fine if the user has pending manual tasks which are created from LCM states or from access request.

It gives the response as mentioned in the documentation list-work-items | SailPoint Developer Community

Issue I face is when the same user has pending task which is created from revocation of identity certification, this api gives 500 internal error, it doesn’t give the response of any other manual tasks pending on this user.

Is this known issue with this API?


Hi Archana,

Since you are getting a 500 internal server error, this tells me that there is likely a bug on the backend. This will have to go through our support channel so that engineering can better engage with you. They will likely need logs and more details about your environment to isolate the issue.

Please open a support ticket at If you get this solved, I would love to see what the solution is back in this thread :slight_smile:

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Hi @colin_mckibben,

This was problem with the API, finally support and engineering team taken care of this one now.