REST API for Work Items

Hi, just wandering if someone can help me.

  1. I am trying to run the GET https://{tenant}/v3/work-items/ to obtain a complete list from POSTMAN, however every single time, it limits my export to 250 rows. Quite annoying given I have over a 1000 records to pull for which I am trying to identify the ownerids for.

  2. Secondly by default the format of the export is not like my other JSON exports. It seems to be pulling out in some weird JSON format, all stuck together and when I try to PARSE this JSON file using another tool I have it does not like it. Any ideas why that could be?

Happy to share more info if require.

All the best, Adrien

Hi Adrien,

  1. Our V3 APIs enforce pagination, which limits how many records you can get in a single API call. To get all 1000 records, you will have to make several API calls for each “page” of results. Please see paginating results for more information.
  2. I don’t see anything different about the response schema for work-items when compared with our other collection endpoints. Can you please provide an example of the output you are seeing? Also, what tool are you using?

Cool, will try the pagination. As for the tool, I am using Power Automate, but when I noticed response schema being different, I tried it in Postman and the same thing was happening. It was just coming out in the different, as in different from anything else I tend to pull. Will send a screenshot sample to show you what I mean from both tools as to what I am seeing.