Alternate of CC api for Bulk AccessProfile, Role and Application importer

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We’ve learned that the CC API will be deprecated on March 31, 2024. However, our Bulk Access Profile, Role, and Application Importer currently rely on CC API calls.

You can find the “IdentityNow Bulk AccessProfile and Role Importer” link below:

Are there any plans to update this utility so that we can continue using these features after March 2024?

Additionally, in the Application Importer utility, we’re using “/cc/api/app/create” or “/cc/api/app/update” API calls, which we couldn’t locate in the V3 or Beta version of the API.

Any updates or replacements for these utilities would be greatly appreciated.


Amit Ghosh

Hey @ag2024,

Please reference this post by Neil McGlenn, the author and owner of the File Upload Utility, regarding the plans for upgrade related to the API Deprecations. This should answer your questions!

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Hi @brennenscott Thanks for your response. But I believe this is a different utility written by Neil McGlennon. But the “IdentityNow Bulk AccessProfile and Role Importer” written by rakesh_kapoor.

The IdentityNow Bulk AccessProfile and Role Importer is not an official SailPoint tool, and is supported by the community. It was originally created by SailPoint Professional Services to support a customer, and has been shared with other clients as a courtesy. Please see the support note on the page.

Please note: This PS Extension is supported by the SailPoint Compass Community ONLY. Please use the IdentityNow Forums for any questions or issues about this PS Extension. Be sure to tag your question appropriately. If you need assistance beyond this, customers & partners working on a delivery engagement with SailPoint services for a specific customer (e.g. Setup Services, Advisory Services, Expert Services, Professional Services) should work with the SailPoint project manager’s for that engagement to get any help on PS Extension related enhancements. The SailPoint Support Team will not be able to assist with any issues related to this PS Extension.

If you can see the Compass page, then you can download the script and make the modifications yourself. If you do not feel comfortable making the modifications, you can engage professional services to make the change for you. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the script is updated, which is TBD at this point.

Hello @ag2024

the version of the tool you are referencing on this page has been updated to use the newest v3 and beta API whenever possible.
However, endpoints to handle applications have not yet been migrated and will be after June (POST /api/app/create)

I’ll update the tool accordingly once those APIs are available.


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