Deprecated api in identity now

we have been receiving a warning to not use the deprecated api’s as CC, V1 and V2 are not going be available.

But when we checked we couldnt find any.

Anyone can confirm where can we find the deprecated api’s in our system?

Usually, the cc APIs are used in custom PSScript integrations (back when CC APIs were not deprecated), have you confirmed if your client is still leveraging such solutions?

Sailpoint has mentioned that here are few apis from CC are being used, but wanted to know where to verify and migrate those

Hi @yogita_rathod8,

Please check and follow attached link for deprecated API list. You must be using these API(s) in your scripts or someone from your team would be using these to perform day-to-day activities.

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Hi All,

just an update. so actually all we did is updated the file upload utility which is an updated jar file with version 4.0.0 and new api’s which will remove all the deprecated api’s from the system and automatically point towards the new ones.

The file is available over the vendor site to download, make sure you have new java versions 8 above.


Old version of File Upload utility was using deprecated APIs, latest version is point to latest APIs.

Apart from this, you can check

  • Workflows
  • Custom Scripts
  • Rules

These are the possible places where you might have used older version of APIs.


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You can contact your customer success manager or message @developer_advocates and ask for a report that shows which private APIs your org is using. This information can help you track down where you might be using them.