ActiveDirectory + SingleAccountAggregation + IIQ 8.4

IIQ version: 8.4


there is a generic example for single account aggrations, based on ConnectorFactory.

With IIQ 8.4 and an ActiveDirectory connector the following error occurs:

[ InvalidConfigurationException ]
[ Possible suggestions ] Verify that mandatory fields should not be empty in the application configuration.
[ Error details ] Required string attribute ‘authorizationType’ is not defined.It must have a valid value

‘authorizationType’ is a domainSetting+forestSettings property and exists in our configuration with value ‘simple’.

Does anyone know how I can use the IIQ internals to resolve this issue?

Community-Link: Aggregating a single account from an application - Page 2 - Compass


Hi @chriskk,

Define the authorizationType as
<entry key=“authorizationType” value=“simple”/ >
in the Active Directory application XML in the environment.


thx, now it works :slight_smile:

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