Accessing Source attributes from SaaS Connector

Is there direct method of retrieving values from the IdentityNow source, within the SaaS connector code? Beyond what is availble from config?

What I need:

  • - I want to retrieve additional attributes from the Identity to include in the provisioning plan. From the input, I do not always have a unique value to identify the identity by, but can use v3/search accounts(accountId:“${uid}”) AND @accounts(“${this.idnSourceId}”)

  • - So that the source name is not hardcoded in the connector itself. To be used in email notifications triggered via workflow

    • source.owner - Recipient of those emails

    • source.managementWorkgroup - Additional recipient of those emails

What I have done so far to achieve this, is manually adding the source id to the sourceConfig, but to retrieve the name, owner, and governance group, they will end up being API requests that feel unnecessary.

Hi Kurt,

I believe you should be able to do that for any source, including SaaS connectors. This is what is generally put in a provisioning policy of type ‘CREATE’ or ‘UPDATE’ (depending on if it is a new or existing account). You can look at the documentation to add this in the API here: create-provisioning-policy | SailPoint Developer Community

The caveat is that the values you add in this provisioning policy will always be added if an attribute sync is triggered.

But this does mean they are always in the provisioning plan.

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