Access profiles not assigned to Roles

Happy New Year Everyone!

Searched around the forums a bit and couldn’t find an answer for what I’m looking for.

I’m trying to find a way either through the Search GUI or API if I’m able to retrieve any Role(s) an existing Access Profile was mapped/assigned to previously? Is there some sort of audit trail that I can view/export?

Currently, I’m able to pull what Roles contain a specific Access Profile using query"Access Profile Name"

but on occasion I’m finding the query returns blank. That’s what prompted me to ask the question above.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

I checked our API and searchable fields, and neither will get you want you want. The closest I could get was searching on event data for the ROLE_UPDATED event. However, this only tells you when a role was last updated, not what changed, which is effectively what the modified field in the get roles endpoint will tell you. I suggest creating an idea in our ideas portal to ask our product team to add this data to our search, or create a dedicated API endpoint to capture this information.

POST /v3/search

    "query": {
        "query": "action:ROLE_UPDATED"
    "indices": [
    "sort": [

Returns this body:

        "org": "{tenant}",
        "pod": "****",
        "created": "2023-01-06T19:45:06.069Z",
        "id": "bd02afa5f2bb4fc6ade266cb2fb2ffe7",
        "action": "ROLE_UPDATED",
        "type": "ROLE",
        "actor": {
            "name": "Role"
        "target": {},
        "trackingNumber": "1aad44850a044b79a9b24592fee70815",
        "attributes": {
            "roleId": "2c91808a7643763f01767b447a9d07b0",
            "name": "Developer Relations",
            "description": "DevRel Role",
            "enabled": "true",
            "segment_Ids": "[\"a973e6ed-fcf6-450c-9013-f794bc50ee31\"]"
        "objects": [
        "operation": "UPDATED",
        "status": "PASSED",
        "technicalName": "ROLE_UPDATED_UPDATED_PASSED",
        "name": "Updated Role Updated Passed",
        "synced": "2023-01-06T19:45:06.401Z",
        "_type": "event",
        "_version": "v7"

Thanks for the quick reply @colin_mckibben!

I’ll go ahead and post on the ideas portal. :+1: