How to get all access profiles assigned to an identity through API?


I’m inquiring about obtaining a list of access profiles assigned to an identity. While I understand it can be retrieved from the POST /v3/search endpoint, the search feature experiences delays in retrieving the most updated data, making it impractical to use for this project. Are there any alternative options for accessing this information?

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I think search is the only option.

Hi Bernardo

You should be able to use historical-identities endpoint, and specify you want access profiles

example, for identity with ID: 72d0d4bdaaeb402ea2ca2bca965c48aa

GET beta/historical-identities/72d0d4bdaaeb402ea2ca2bca965c48aa/access-items?type=accessProfile

change to type=role to get all roles for an identity.


Hey Jason,

Thank you for the contribution, your solution works very well!

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