Access Profile - Approval Workflow

Hi Team,

We have created one Access profile and set the approver as Manager.
This Access profile is attached to one source (Application)
So if the requester is requesting this application for other user (who is not having manager), in this case whom should the request be sent for approval? Could you please let us know the fallback approval details?

Hey Sindhu,
It should be source admin if there isn’t manager assigned to identity AFAIK. You can set the config using the api:

Hi Sindhu,

If the identity doesn’t have a manager, and the access request process was configured so manager approval is required for:

  • access profile requests - the app owner and source owner will get the approval (first the approval item is sent to app owner, then if approved, it’s sent to source owner)
  • role requests - the role owner will get the approval

Note, you can also set global reminder and escalation policies for access requests: Sign In to Compass - Compass

Lisa Ivy