A (real) update on the Dev Community Mascot

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful input, ideas, and suggestions for the SailPoint Developer Community mascot. Our team really enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and brainstorming ideas from our awesome, growing community of developers.

The input was great! We received feedback suggesting nautical-based roles like captain, coxswain, navigator, and pirate. We received ideas for inanimate objects like sextants, ropes, tugboats, lighthouses, shipyards, etc. We also received suggestions for living creatures like seabirds, surfers, and marine animals. All in all, it was a lot of fun following the thread and getting your input.

Designing an identity and brand for a community is a detailed process. Since everyone has been so helpful in the ideation phase of this project, we wanted to provide you with an update on how things are progressing. In the time since we posted looking for suggestions, our team has been meeting weekly with SailPoint design and creative teams to brainstorm and craft personality, traits, temperament for our developer community.

We realized early on that we wanted our mascot to be something/someone that we could have a lot of fun with. We knew we wanted the ability to do cool/fun designs, stickers, t-shirts, etc. We decided through the creative process that we were leaning heavily in our meetings towards a marine creature. We brainstormed and considered lots (and I mean LOTS) of different possibilities, ideas, and scenarios. Please keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, but here is where we sit today:

We would like to have two characters, one a good-actor and one a bad-actor. The bad character is a crafty and mischievous octopus, who uses tools and his ability to camouflage to try to gain access to places, systems, and services he does not belong in. The good character is a tough, likable otter, who uses vigilance and wits to thwart the octopus’ efforts. One thing we like about this setup is that it would allow us to incorporate other awesome suggestions from the community into the story telling and various designs we create (think surfboard, pirate, ropes, lighthouse, shipyard, tugboat, etc.).

As mentioned, the process is still not complete, and we still have a little way to go yet. We hope you enjoy this concept, and we look forward to providing you with another update soon. Thanks again everyone for the amazing input, ideas, and suggestions that you provided for the SailPoint Developer Community mascot. This has been a fun process!