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Source Account Updated


This is an early access event trigger. Please contact support to have it enabled in your tenant.

Event Context

Source Account Updated events occur whenever one or more account attributes change on a single account during an account aggregation operation. The trigger cannot determine whether the account update happened on a source or in Identity Security Cloud. It omits events related to Identity Security Cloud accounts, such as the Identity Security Cloud Admin. The following actions are considered updates:

  • Update account attributes
  • Enable or disable an account
  • Lock or unlock source accounts
  • Change source account password

Use this event trigger to watch for updates to accounts that add highly privileged access, such as an account that is granted privileged access on a sensitive source.

This is an example input from this trigger:

"uuid": "b7264868-7201-415f-9118-b581d431c688",
"id": "ee769173319b41d19ccec35ba52f237b",
"nativeIdentifier": "E009",
"sourceId": "2c918082814e693601816e09471b29b6",
"sourceName": "Active Directory",
"identityId": "ee769173319b41d19ccec6c235423237b",
"identityName": "john.doe",
"attributes": {
"firstname": "John",
"lastname": "Doe",
"email": "[email protected]",
"department": "Sales",
"displayName": "John Doe",
"created": "2020-04-27T16:48:33.597Z",
"employeeNumber": "E009",
"uid": "E009",
"inactive": "true",
"phone": null,
"identificationNumber": "E009"