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Find profile by id



Find profile by id


Path Parameters

    id uuidrequired

    ID of the object to retrieve, update, or delete


Expected response to a valid request

    profile object
    id uuid

    The objects ID

    uid string

    Possible values: >= 32 characters and <= 32 characters

    The objects UID

    name string

    This is the name of the profile.

    profile_type_id uuid

    This is the ID of the profile type the profile belongs to

    status string

    Possible values: [Active, Inactive, On Leave, Terminated]

    This is the status of the profile

    id_proofing_status string

    Possible values: [pending, pass, fail]

    This is the ID proofing staus of the profile

    created_at date-time

    The date and time the profile was created

    updated_at date-time

    The date and time the profile was updated

    attributes object

    Attributes that belong to this profile.

    property name* string