Zendesk integration and access request error


We are facing the below error when we are doing an access Request for Zendesk source

sailpoint.connector.InvalidRequestException: [ InvalidRequestException ] [ Error details ] Invalid request received to Zendesk System. Status: 400, Output: { “error”: { “title”: “Invalid attribute”, “message”: “You passed an invalid value for the user.custom_role_id attribute. Invalid parameter: user.custom_role_id must be an integer from api/v2/users/create” } }

Can anyone please help why we are facing this issue and the solution for this.


I’m looking at the docs for the Zendesk connector. Did you change any of the required account IDs? This doc says to not change them, and if you receive any errors about them you should revert them to their default. This error message looks like you have an issue with the customerAgentRole.


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Can you verify the request is passing role id and not role value, seems it’s expecting integer value


This is solved we have updated the custon role id from string to integer. Its working

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