Workflows: How to dynamically create request body in HTTP action

How else would you send a JSON body in the HTTP Request action that has dynamic values? For example, I need to send the identity’s email address in the HTTP Post when a source account is updated. Workflows don’t support constructing a variable and I can’t add variables in the JSON body of the HTTP Request action. E.g.,

“email” : $


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Hi Daniel,

I moved this to a new topic to keep the conversations focused.

The Workflows team is working on a feature called “Variable Substitution” that will enable Workflow users to dynamically construct inputs, like the JSON body in an HTTP action. This feature is slated for release at the end of Q3, possibly early Q4.

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Hi @colin_mckibben,

Can you please confirm if this feature is already available?

If not when can we expect this? Do you have any other alternatives to have the variable substitution [Dynamic values].

Thanks in Advance.