Inline variables not resolved in body for http request action

Hi all,

I’m testing a simple workflow to add an user to a group using an access profile if the user becomes inactive.
I know there are many ways to request an access profile for an identity but I’m interested in using workflows and inline variables in body with http request action.
The inline variable I’m using is $ with double curly braces. While this inline variable is resolved when it is used as query parameter, it is not resolved in the body with POSTing (see the attached json of test result).

action_http_request_failed.json (4.8 KB)

Looking at your JSON file, it appears the body was generated successfully:

"jsonRequestBody": {
          "requestType": "GRANT_ACCESS",
          "requestedFor": [
          "requestedItems": [
              "comment": "adding to the group of inactive users",
              "id": "080bf545ed424f16862fd5f5bf097e8c",
              "type": "ACCESS_PROFILE"

If you are trying to add access inside the same tenant, you might want to consider using “Manage Access” rather than “HTTP Request”. It is cleaner and you don’t need to supply credentials.

Hello Carl,

Using manage access the workflow is much simpler (and works!).


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